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This section is a combination of pure optics and applied optics used for visualization of processes.




Beam expanders, beam splitters, polarizers, mirrors, filters etc. Optics for different applications is offered from different suppliers. Also custom made optics and assemblies are supplied on demand. Instrument Glasses,  Casix and other suppliers.  Please call for a quote.

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We supply optomechanical components, i.e. optic holders, positning systems, motorized positioning systems from the quality producer OWIS. This is a German producer of high quality and high precision positioning systems. They have nanopositioning series of translation/elevation/rotation stages and goniometers with typical steps of 100 nm / 100 nm / 40 microrad and 8 microrad, respectively.


Read more at www.owis-staufen.com

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UV/IR Viewers

For viewing ultraviolet to infrared laser beams, a variety of products from FJW are offered. Also, video cameras for UV/IR are available, which can be connected to a PC to store, edit and present films directly on the PC. The viewers come in different wavelength ranges, to -1300 nm, to - 1550 nm and for IR cameras up to 2200 nm. The viewers can be connected to CCD camera and via a PCMCIA-card be imported directly in a PC.


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Protective Eye-wear

For eye protection in laser labs etc, we offer the Glendale range of protections which covers the need for many laser types from UV to IR lasers according to EN207 for protection and EN208 for alignment. A number of frame styles ensures that everyone can find an ergonomic frame. This may be as important as the protection glass itself, since laser glasses which are not used give no protection at all.
For the use of corrective glasses under the protective glasses there are two solutions, one where the protection frame is large enough to allow for corrective lenses under, and the other where corrective lenses are mounted into the laser glasses permanently.

Read more at Glendale...

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We offer small lasers for focussed or diverged ligth, for laser sheets etc. for different application like visualization and measurement in sheets. We offer green, blue, red lasers with power up to 200 mW.

Also stronger lasers for continuous wave of pulsed operation are offered, please contact us. We usually deliver lasers together with systems but also supplies lasers for special applications.



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For visualization applications, tracers of many sorts can be used; for motion analysis in solid mechanics a surface can be simply painted in different colors and cameras using narrowband filters etc. For more advanced tests fluorescent dye dissolved in liquid can be used, or dye or highly reflective material painted on surfaces.

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Laser Dyes

Laser dyes use fluorescence, i.e. light of a wavelength is absorbed by the laser dye molecules and emitted at a longer wavelength. Both absorption and emission occure at a wavelength interval, but if a laser is used absorbtion only occurs at that laser wavelength. Similarly, it the dye is enclosed in a lasing cavity, it only emits one wavelength. The intensity of the emitted light depends on the concentration of the dye, temperature, pH value etc...

Laser dyes are used for mainly two applications: 1) to act as the wave-length switch in dye lasers.  2) to act as the indicator of concentration, temperature, pH etc. in LIF experiments (laser induced fluorescence) of mixing and heat transfer processes.


Illustration of a dye laser that switches color from green to orange, The Rh590 dye, and a LIF temperature experiment of a warm water jet intruding in a colder water (postprocessed with colormap)

There are hundreds of different dyes, with different absorbtion and emission wavelengths for many applications. Most of them are dissolved in alcohol. The precise absorbtion and emission ranges depend somewhat on the treatment. Note that dyes are mainly in liquid solution, but also particles containing dyes are available.


For more information please visit www.exciton.com


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